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We are actively expanding our portfolio of homes in the Catskills and Hudson Valley regions of New York State, Southern Vermont, and the Sandhills and Inner Banks regions of North Carolina. 

We partner with property owners, local caretakers, and cleaning staff to develop the best vacation rentals in the area that significantly outperform other managers on all Key Performance Indicators. As a part of our portfolio owners receive:

  • 24/7 management of reservations and communication with guests.
  • Aggressive dynamic pricing that keeps your house producing revenue year round.
  • Marketing of your property across multiple channels including our website, Airbnb, VRBO,, Expedia, Google Travel, local visitor associations, and more. 
  • Comprehensive live dashboards for owners to track performance, calendar availability, and full financial details on every reservation. Owners can access their dashboard via the web or through our owner's app.

Additionally we collaborate with your local caretaker and cleaning teams to ensure that your home is always ready to receive a reservation. Owner's can assign tasks to their teams, and caretakers can supervise cleaning task via our app. If you don't have a local caretaker, we can introduce you to potential partners in certain markets.

Our results speak for themselves.
We earn significantly more revenue for our clients than our competitors.

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